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United Kingdom, Brighton
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I got 36:86 here believe it or not. I hate you Vega.
Level 10 - Vanilla Sky

Time: 0:37,12 (Completed)



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I intend to take it so be ready. I believe that your method of ascending after getting the ultimate red flag is more efficacious than mine, and the rest of the your run isn't too bad either!
Ultimate flag??
mike flips
hey guys, i played this level as well, i managed to pass tabs' time but i dont wanna spend potentially many more hours just to move up a few ranks even though gold would be nice...

i got 37:3x and i played it a few more times, and i can get my bike a full length ahead of my ghost which means that 36.xx is very possible... good luck gus, i dont think vega will stand for anyone beating him
Hey that reminds me I haven't even uploaded the new version yet. I have not tried out the ghost either. hmmmmm......
You will find that the Ghost rider definitely helps as you go about finding the fastest way to do a level.
Ultimate as in the opposite of primary (the last damn it!) and I don't have the new version either, although I do have gold on aymetric on a friend's palm. 36.8x would be a hard to beat time here. (Not saying that 37:06 isn't hard to beat thought)
Gus!!! Where have you been? Forget borrowing your friends palm. Just get one of your own And don't bother spending your time to beat my Vanilla Sky. I won't let you keep it if you do. There are certain levels that I will play until my eyes bleed, then I will play some more. This is one of them. I can beat my game but I just haven't needed to yet. Nice job on getting 19.xx on Sawtooth. That's a more "gold worthy" time than 20.22 in my opinion. I have 20.88 so far and was gonna go for gold, but now I may just play for silver We'll see.

Hey... have you played anything from the new levelpacks yet? There are both very good packs
Hiya Vega, nice golds man!!!! I haven't played any level packs that I haven't submitted. I was trying to unhook myself fom Bike or Die! after my palm broke but then one of my friend's was playing it...the temptation was too strong!!!! So I played a few hundred times on a few levels, and got some times. Between us (alex and co.) we have maybe 6 or 7 golds to submit. We all hve broken palms though so a few times have been lost. I gotta get me another palm, you are right Vega. By the way the 36:86 i got here is my way, not your new trivk, and the time on Sawtooth is only good because of the ending. Mike's run there is incredible. Good to be online here again.
Heya Gus, nice hearing from you again. Buy another palm then for your own so you can submit more games and make the competition tougher (and i will declining again in ranking ). I think it is really hard to unhook yourself from BoD .
vagas right gus get your own palm!
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