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Taiwan, Taipei
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Still have 1 second Space.
Level 11 - Bird

Time: 0:30,82 (Completed)

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if you can beat it so easily then open it!
well done an amazing time , but then again wat can u expect from the best player in the world
sweet job, share if u want
Thanks, but I am very negligible, there are a lot of better players in the world, just they have not submitted, the best at present, it should be Tabs.
tabs is a great player he has more golds than anybody else but he just plays those lvls consistantly!
while u play every lvl and have medaled most of em and therefor u should definetly be first
The best player is the one with the most points.
Therefore DavidKing is the best BoD'er.
As for me I just dont have the time to play every
game on every level pack - so I just tend to pick
short fast games.
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