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United States, Mesa
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I haven't seen anyone use this path (maybe all the secret games were done this way). I pretty much could not do the way others have used consistantly, so I found another way. There are a couple of ways to land this. Not sure which is the fastest just yet.
Level 8 - Vertical Avenue

Time: 0:34,60 (Completed)



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It's a great game, but that start slowed you down a whole lot. I tried that jump over the Finish flag before, but I could never do it.
Nice job, iv been trying this for a few weeks but i didnt get the key of accellerating, amazing run has potential for like 30-31
Andrew Ladd
nice game but i think VIN did it perfectly and got gold, right Vin???
Andrew A
Bloody hell! Never seen this before - its like seeing the critical early DNA of the game - one of the initial innovations that gave it The Push. Long before upstarts like me came along. And I bet there are a lot of early runs that Changed Things. Upped The Ante.

PMD - you really were an early innovator.

You're too modest!

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