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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
Player's comment:

23 to go
Level 1 - Riding School

Time: 0:26,14 (Completed)



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Incredible! Just your average 9 year standing gold of mike flips... taken down!

Nicely done, AA.

When I finally revisit this level, I'm taking either silver or gold.
Andrew A
Thankyou for that Vega.

I'd call it a slightly glittery, rather than a stellar run, but I can do better if needed.

Oh my goodness! It appears to have... Disappeared!!
Andrew A
Oh - and I've always presumed it's Vega, because that is the brightest star in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere?

Or is it?

Perhaps I should change my BOD handle to Sol?
Andrew A
Actually - I forgot about Sirius - the Dog Star. Duh.
Andrew A
Filled to the gills with bonhomie at the return of Kam (and - ahem - myself), I was about to make this public. Then I watched it and realised it was vulnerable.

Not by a lot, though..

I could be persuaded...
pretty please?

I'm done with this pack for now, I'm going after my easiest improvable levels, don't have the time to play very much though, but expect bursts of submissions

I see how this level can probably go below 26, but I don't have the patience to grind any level for thousands of attempts, not until I've at least completed all of them on my new old iPad (^_^)y
Grats, Andrew. Gold on one of the most iconic levels.
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