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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
Player's comment:
The quickest going back past the finish flag for the first time (by a decent margin), but seriously over gas it!!

Re-learning the level, and can maybe do a bit better. Or maybe not..

Who looks the newbie idiot in the head to head...

The Arse-End Charlie
Level 1 - Riding School

Time: 0:27,24 (Completed)



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Andrew A
OK - the H2H doesn't show up..

Chrome stopped doing full screen replays a while ago (downloading them as swf - or whatever - files, and then telling you they could damage your computer..), and you can't do comments on H2H's in Edge now. You could a couple of months ago - as I remember. And neither seem to now save on the BoD site. Could be me not paying attention to easily fixable glitches, but no time to check atm, as very busy.

For the record - just do a H2H of the top few against me.

It should amuse you and explain my previous comments.

Andrew A
It's down to Flash becoming increasingly unsupported now, of course. Not a bad thing, per se ( it was always a flaky tech - and much hated by Steve Jobs, as I remember.. ), but not good for BoD replays going forward, for us guys..
Andrew A
Ok - it now shows up in Edge.

Point being - I get devoured by a shoal of bloody piranhas @ 20 seconds..
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