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new ipad. how do i get my stuff?

hi there. i've got an ipad and didn't want to get my iphone's backup. is there a way i can insert all my games and times into my iPad's BoD? looking into the iphone backup's files, maybe?


Great question. As you probably know, on an iPhone or iPod Touch, you navigate to your games online via safari. When you click "Download my best games" it opens BoD and installs your best games.

I just tried this on my iPad and it doesn't work; it tries to open the .zip file using other apps. Hmm....
bloody apple...
i guess there would be two ways of fixing it on future BoD versions:

  • turning bod a zip file compatible app. so, whenever safari tried to open a zip file, would have bod as an opton;

  • adding an input field inside the app, where we could add the link for our zip file.
  • Mr.pickle.
    Unfortunately the chances are that there will not be "future BoD versions' Sz seems to have moved on to other things in life now, I guess bike or die's moment in the headlights came and went long ago
    unfortunately this does also mean you can't download levels. is there an iPad app that can download and open prc files using bod?

    I was hoping to start playing again and just decided to re-buy this game only to find out about these problems with the iPad... guess I'll have to wait until I can get an iPhone...
    Try this in Safari:


    Just substitute the real full URL (including the http://...) to the PRC level you want to install. This will launch BoD and give you the option to install that level.

    I just tested it on my iPad and it works fine.

    thanks! it does work. nice!
    btw, I found a way to install the best games but it's time consuming. I got the zip and placed it on my local web server. If I just use the above solution (bikeordie:install:url) with the link to the zip file, BOD doesn't recognize the file format but if you unzip the file and do the same with each link to each saved game it works. You have to do it one by one though...
    Great work PMD and Maka in figuring out how to get our packs/games on an iPad. Thanks!
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