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Bike or Design for iOS

I still have a beta copy of Bike or Design for iOS that Sz sent me at some point a long time ago. Since it's unlikely to be released at this point, but people want to make a new level pack, I'm going to offer to leak it to anyone from here that I *know* (e.g. I remember you from when I actually played this game ;P).

You will need to be jailbroken to use it, since it's only designed for my device. Otherwise, though, it should be relatively easy to install and use.

Send me an email at if you want it.

(Sz: If this is an issue, just let me know, but I'm really only trying to help out the community (Kenn said he couldn't help out because of no Palm OS, etc). I'm not trying to help out piracy and such.)

Oh, and hi guys!
O hey xuzz! I started doing the same for everyone who has pm'd me I guess it's time it came out...
Welcome back to both of you, and thanks
uh. what's iOS? iphone op sys?
thedudeguy: oh, k, if you want to then that's easier for me.
Whatever works. Whoever wants it can ask either of us.
Rats! Had I known someone was going to come out with this, I would not have sold my ipod touch! oh well, thats how it goes I guess.
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