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Head to Head

(United Kingdom, Salisbury)  Andrew A
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Time: 0:22,32
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Much better!
 BikerBrian (United States, Tennessee)
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Time: 0:22,52
Level 13 - Konecnik Down

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Andrew A
Not wanting to play at the moment, but just looking back at old runs - I had a look at this.

Discounting the start , the really important move is at around 16 seconds. I spent ages experimenting with that awkward curve, and found that hitting it flat on, then holding on for as long as poss, and literally falling off the wall and letting your front wheel flop over the ledge at 17.50, sets you up for a lovely flat acceleration into the last curve, with power to the finish.

Actually - very easy to overdo the finish, so much power is available.

BB is ahead of me but overworks the ending, thinking that more effort is involved, maybe!
Andrew A
I did point this out at the time, as I remember..

Could be wrong though.
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