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Head to Head

(United States, Tennessee)  BikerBrian
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Time: 0:47,06
Player's comment:
I've been working on this one off and on since last July when Tyler took gold away from me. It can definitely go faster, but the stretch just before the final curve is really tricky.
 Andrew A (United Kingdom, Salisbury)
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Time: 0:47,32
Player's comment:
Just managed to sneak past Tyler
Level 3 - Pathland

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1 comment
Andrew A
Lack of experience with the ending really shows on this head to head with BB.

It's a very tricky ending anyway, as BB said - not really possible to come up with anything consistently repeatable, but it is possible to go a good bit quicker.

But I said I wasn't going to mention that anymore, so I won't..
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