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Head to Head

(United States, Tennessee)  BikerBrian
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Time: 0:29,22
Player's comment:
7 frames down, 11 to go... I now have around 6,200 tries on this level.
 Andrew A (United Kingdom, Salisbury)
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Time: 0:30,28
Level 9 - Four Things

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Andrew A
Not looked at this before, but quite startling!

Coming back to this level after a 7ish year gap, it was obvious that my previous route wasn't going to cut it.

I played around and got a lucky first section with this method. I then looked at other's routes and found that Kam had done this before (not surprisingly..), and looked at a H2H between K and BB. Kam was miles ahead at the significant first checkpoint, but BB's superior ending ( hard learnt, I'll wager) won out in the end.

It took less than 300 goes to get my run here. Most of those learning the slightly tricky timing to make the seamless initial jump into the third(?) section.

BB's finish is a masterclass - but.. He's giving away almost 2 seconds at the start.

I'll get back to this.
Wow. There's like an hour and a half of room here.
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