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Head to Head

(United Kingdom)  Champ
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Time: 0:19,58
Player's comment:
See what a little determination can do
 Shane (United Kingdom)
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Time: 0:19,60
Level 3 - Double Sprint

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Andrew A
Never done a H2H with these 2 runs before, but I've always considered getting as much drive as possible on the return ultimately quicker.

Th Champ spends too much time in the air - Shane gains a little bit on that return.

I could do with bettering my time here - I've pushed the simplistic but reliable start almost as far as it can go (a touch more left, maybe). It's just not a level I can get enthused about. But I may have too..
Andrew A

A very important point being that Shane is a good few frames ahead at the end, but misses the center of the flag.
Andrew A
'A good few' being 2 or 3.

Normal etiquette about triple posts stopped being relevant a long time ago, btw. When this page sort of turned into an unintentional BOD blog kind of thing. With drop in guest stars..
Andrew A
This page being the Forum page. Of course.
The frames on this level are extremely tight at these times. These minuscule differences you are seeing might amount to 3-4 frames.

My stats on this level are staggering... more than 20,000 tries and more than 4,000 completed runs to hit 19.80. Haven't played it since. Sure maybe Th Champ's time is beatable, but there just isn't a lot more to explore on this map.

Watch the top 5 runs on H2H. Never once do any of the bikes separate themselves from the pack. It's as if they are all bungeed to each other. Have a looksee:  Champ vs. 4 others
I should have back-tilted before the snowman to avoid the air's longevity. This level is close to a perfect run.
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