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Taiwan, Taipei
Player's comment:
This may be the best trick, everybody can beat me, enjoy!
Level 12 - Tatra

Time: 0:18,16 (Completed)



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Oh My Gosh! HA HA HA! That is ridiculous. I cannot believe it. All that mish mash over the other trick and now this. That is hilarious DK. Good one.
mike flips
i remember when i first started playing, i tried to do this all day lol then when i couldnt get it, i tried going all the way down and flipping up... Nice time DK
mike flips
i guess now that i am a better player i can do the trick, i just got 19.xx, thanx for the inspiration
Wow. Medals aside, I think DK is the best player. This is proof - and a way for me to beat _alex_ in the Total Race.

Maybe Cirenco will be nicer now.
It is so fantastic but simple comparing with the old style (i wonder if could i do it or not)
mike flips
Yea, what ive realized is that the best players are those who take a far fetched idea and actually turn it into a gold medal. I know i have found a lot of places where a game could be improved, but i always think to myself, "nah, its too hard to do" and then when games like Red Murder, This, Vertical avenue... are all drastically improved i realize who the great players are.

On vertical avenue, i remember going to fast and doing the trick, and then dying. I thought to myself, that is really cool, but also that i would never be able to do that again and that it was just a fluke. Then when PMD submitted it, i realized it was possible.

Now when i play levels, when i see something like this, i always spend time trying to do it, thats how ive been getting so many medals recently.
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