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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
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Getting better...
Level 5 - Cablecar

Time: 0:43,90 (Completed)



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Nice work! Landing the big drop off of the triangle is magical when it happens.

Don't you have another level to play now???
Andrew A
Haven't quite finished with this one yet BB

Though your run is impressive and quick, so maybe I have!

Must check to see how many Golds I would need to take off MF to put you one ahead of him (as if I could!). Then work out how long it would take you to overhaul him..

Of course if you were to find a way to play again (which isn't all that hard to do I think - equipment wise at least), hmmm?

Hush my weasely words of temptation - ehh!?

Or have you achieved a zen like total indifference to that (this!) particular compulsion by now?
Andrew, I could possibly be tempted if I could get it running under an older iOS. My zen like indifference is because playing it isn't an option. There are definitely a few levels I'd like to try again.

I wouldn't mind buying an older iphone or ipod touch, but I don't remember what was the latest iOS BoD works on. Remind me how you're playing.
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