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United Kingdom
Level 15 - Wishbone

Time: 0:23,96 (Completed)


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Andrew A
Very nice run - smooooth!

Shame it's one of my Golds that has bitten the dust though!

Once I've finished working my way through Standard Levels (and gone back to polish some I've rushed through a bit, or bypassed), I will be free to pursue Golds wherever, which will be nice.

When did you move to the UK mate?
Sorries D:

My next Gold won't be yours- I promise.

Good luck on Standard 15 more points until you have the Gold Trophy!!!! It will be a momentous day.

I changed my country because I do not represent the US anymore.
UK is placed in second in 'Medals by Country' so I figured I'd help push the US to second place.
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