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So close to the sub 50, still feels slow, I probably lost almost a minute getting on the slope to the final jump at around the 38 second mark But I'll leave it for now, it feels really good to get a gold again
Level 14 - Big Cheese

Time: 0:50,02 (Completed)


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Andrew A
Ha Ha ha haha. Brilliant!

I haven't been back here in ages. Just been very busy building studios, focussing on art, music, old motorbikes and doing other, similar irrelevant stuff.

I do need to get back to the important, life affirming, time draining obsessions...

This game ehh?

It is seemingly pathetic to not complete my goal within this game. Problem is - it's not the only - or even most important thing I have to accomplish at this point in my life.

however. HOWEVER...

Kam. You are back. Welcome bro - you have been missed. Now - where is BB, and that flash in the pan Vega?

I will find the time, at some point.

I know the feeling of being busy.. all too well

Been getting into kickboxing lately and doing kinda good as well, so it's a balancing act between life, work and training for me atm, trying to fit in some games where I can

Time draining obsessions are the meaning of life man, the more you can do them the better life is

Thanks, feels good to be back yet again. Few things beats the joy of getting a new best time in this game, so I hope I can keep doing it and getting some competition for some time! Let's keep this game alive
Flash in the pan? Them's fightin words, brah.

I have a couple things to post. Nailed some unexpected best times here and there.

Like you both, I don't have any time for this silly game. I gotz 2 kiddos and I run a ridonkulously busy risk management group for a bank. Ah but what a fantastic silly game it is, eh? Amazing.

My Palm Treo must be on it's last limb. The buttons squeak hilariously when I play. It restarts randomly at will. But what a champion.

Bought that sucker in oh four and it literally sat in a drawer untouched, drained to oblivion for 7 years. That's when I made an unplanned snap decision to plug'er in one day!!

Anyway I'm still fiddling around in Standard levels. Have a few more tricks up my sleeve in here. In fact, on the brink of a couple more new golds and on one level I've moved up 5 spots.

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