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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury
Player's comment:
Another frame shaved off.

I was a bit more than that ahead of the ghost ( it seemed), but the chequered flag seems very pernickety as to where you hit it..
Level 2 - Riding School Part 2

Time: 0:11,98 (Completed)


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Nice job Andrew. I played this level almost til my thumb was bleeding.

You can see in my H2H against mike's run that I was butthurt about the (as you say) "pernickety"-ness of the finish flag pixel registration of the bike tire.

I've never revisited the first 10 levels (all the way through Vanilla Sky) after ghost bike was implemented so I think I could improve on all my times (except The Right Way ), especially since I was wet behind the ears in this game when landing all those runs.

Anywho... 11.xx is a dam fine time here and it puts you right at the top of the pile for this map.
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