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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury
Player's comment:
Managed to get this Silver yesterday, taking the top spot in the pack in the process

May play a few other levels in the pack before moving on to Standard levels. The only pack standing between me and (BOD) world domination..


That will be an incredibly slow grind I think. If even doable.
Level 1 - Welcome Dungeon

Time: 0:20,44 (Completed)



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Nice play here. Extremely close to taking gold. I actually have completed the entire BikeForce levelpack but on my computer (desktop PC).
I think BikerBrian or maybe someone else helped me get a PC copy a while back. Wasn't a fan of how it played though.
Didn't seem to have the same command/control as with my handheld. Watching this reminds me of playing this years ago.
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