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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury
Player's comment:
Well - that was quicker than expected!

Have to decide - am I going to try and get past Tyler. Or even BB!
Level 3 - Pathland

Time: 0:47,54 (Completed)


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Andrew A
Have to say - just kicking back with a beer before bed, after a manic day, and looking at this for the first time (since the first time..). It's a very elegant and pleasing run. Just a bit clueless along the bottom section.

Points for Artistic Interpretation would have been a nice addition to the game way back - no?

Can you imagine the mayhem.

All those schoolkids (make your own list) - totally bamboozled (WTF is Artistic Merit?. Fast is fast. More is more. Yngwie beats Jimi. etc..).

Would have been great - though who would be judge?..

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