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United States, San Diego, CA
Player's comment:
Level 20 - Spike Cave

Time: 0:31,80 (Completed)


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Andrew A
Ooh Ahrr, aarr,.. AHarrr - very well done there, Capt'n ahharr!! ahrr, arrr .. (Cave? Gold? a bit Piratey?)

This (and your other recent endeavors) deserves more attention than I can give right now - apologies (not that there's anything to see here.. ). I will be getting involved again soon, but up to my back teeth right now.

Give BB a boot up the arse. He could at least pick up the slack, comments wise, whilst some of us rebuild our house again (desperately); with family descending. Imminently.

Shouldn't you be dealing with 'important' Corporate Shi.. - stuff, rather than playing obsolete games? ... .. ... Ehh?

Playing obsolete games is more fun

I think I'll carry on. See you on the trail, partner.
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