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United States, San Diego, CA
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First game submission in almost 7 years.
Level 6 - Catapult

Time: 0:35,28 (Completed)


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Andrew A
Wow - superb, a run befitting a legend - and welcome back!

If you've read up on the forum the 'handful' of posts since you were last here, you will be up to date. if you haven't - I don't blame you!, but in which case you should know that the last iOS update killed the game (on newish iOS devices - old game code on new OS) - the reason that I haven't posted in awhile.

I will now buy an old ipod touch (with an old - and BoD compatible iOS) to continue playing. I was going to do it anyway, but you showing up and posting a run is an extra incentive..

BB was playing up until about 10 months ago, but finally managed to kick the habit. You showing up however ( when he checks in and realises)...

Others pop in from time to time, and even post times occasionally (Mata a few weeks ago, unbelievably).

I'm guessing you are playing on something old skool, so non of the above problems? Twas always your way

More anon - and again - welcome back

ha! Hi Andrew. Yes... dusted off me ol' Treo 650

Plugged in the charger and it literally just started right up like I was using it yesterday! Incredible.

Funny though, I am using an extremely old version of BoD. No resume feature. No new graphics (old stick figure biker only).

Ok so I didn't realize that the new iOS killed the game. That's really a bummer. I have iOS10 so there's no chance for me on me iphone 5s.

So what ipod touch would you recommend?

Andrew A
Original stick vector graphics figure, but with resume - I would consider optimal. I would love to go back to that, but the increasing glitches between the old code and newer iOS's made it impossible to go back to that mode, I found - the game would just quit if you tried to alter any settings. This is the way it was for me in the last year or two. Can't say for the other remaining players. The bitmapped graphics overlay - though brilliantly done - slightly blurs how you can read the physics engine. Like playing guitar with gloves on. Thin gloves, but....

Best iPod Touch? An early one that isn't capable of being updated to an even vaguely modern iOS. Something pre hi res screen (so 640x480 - same as a late Palm). 2nd or 3rd gen, I would go for. That's what I will go for! Cheap on eBay, as well.

You may have a problem getting a compatible (iOS) copy of the game though. it's no longer available on any App store, so unless you have a copy tucked away somewhere - you are stuffed. Or maybe not. Get in touch with BB - he may be able to help.

I'll leave it there for now.
Well poop. I (as of today) have just bought a new computer which I was intending on using to install itunes and manually load the file (BB was gonna send it to me ages ago when I was ready to jump back in) onto my iphone...

Looks like that is going to fail on multiple fronts
Looks like there's jussssst enough room to pull a 34.xx.

It would take pieces of my silver run combined with Laser's moves at 21.xx.

 Vega vs. 3 others
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