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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
Player's comment:

Bit of an awkward/ugly run, but I'll take it!

I have a new move near the end that's worth about 1.5 seconds, but the bike needs to be presented just so - which it wasn't here.

It's niggling me, but I'm really not going to play this level any more now.
Level 9 - Cave

Time: 0:54,78 (Completed)


Amazing! I still remember the anxiety I would get while flying down the hill trying to stay under a bit of control. Much of the rest of it is so unpredictable.
Andrew A
Yes - not a pleasant level. There's a bit you can do going across the bottom - here and there - to get by; but mainly the best you can do is stay low and smooth whilst going as fast as possible, and just ignore the (stalac)spikes..

I inadvertantly updated my Ios. Ok - clicked by accident and thought - ah, what the hell, just let it run. After all, it's never broken the game before.

It broke the game. The game plays, but the menu page is now completely blank. You can't pick a level, or save, go back, forward or access anything at all.

Thinking about buying an old ipod on ebay just to see the 'Quest' out. It's a stupid waste of time on any sensible level, but I've got this far - so..

Same problem for me! At least you're going out on top.
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