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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
Player's comment:
Level 7 - The Doors

Time: 0:39,00 (Completed)


You are doing some amazing things! I never thought anyone would have as many golds as MF, but you are dangerously close. If you take 2 more away from him, he will be at 38 and you will be at 39.

I'm cheering you on!
Andrew A
Aww shucks BB, and thank you..

I'm vaguely trying to orchestrate it so that I go past MF on Golds, amass 100 personal medals, and take 2nd spot for the UK in the Medals by Country table, all at the same time. Means promoting a couple of lower medals to Gold (held by Mike) rather than taking new ones.

No real reason for doing it other than a satisfying symmetry ( I absolutely don't believe in any kind of nationalism - but that's just in passing), and I may well lose patience and just try and do a Gold splurge

Having said all that - you and Kam make it possible by having reduced the number of MF Golds to a level where it became feasible.

Ultimately though - as far as I'm concerned - non of the above will 'stick', unless I take overall Gold on Standard Levels. The acid test - so to speak, though I really don't have much time to play anymore.

My progress will be rather slower from now on, I think.
Andrew A
Scratch the triple whammy idea..

Would require far too much by way of shenanigans in promoting bronzes to silvers, then taking a gold off Laser with one of my present silvers, before swapping a silver for one of Mikes golds, and THEN taking a new Gold... Phew!

Back to bumbling along and que sera sera.
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