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United States, Ann Arbor
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Level 4 - Sinus Mountains

Time: 0:30,02 (Completed)



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Thanks Champ. It was a lonely friday evening- my bubble tea and I just returned home from a nice, romantic evening. yada yada yada, a new record is born.

-Yazbinsky (bringin' sinus mountains back 2 Ann Arbor)
Hmmm.... I am forced to achieve 29.xx here
Ya know it's funny.... if you look at my current best times in levels 1-5 and told someone 2 years ago that none of them would be gold in 2 years, you would immediately be put into a straight jacket and locked in a round rubber room
Hey TDome from Angell Hall in Ann Arbor, you might want to come down out of the planetarium or from looking through the telescopes at the stars and consider playing some of the 177 other levels in the Time Trial Championship, you might like them.

Looks like 29.xx is going to be what it takes to get Gold here.
Is that posible? Just excellent, great game.
how come nobody has eclipsed the 30 second mark?...maybe because it's impossible? It took me three big ten bus trips to achieve this record...good luck. You may want to invest in some Da'Bellas submarines because it worked for me.

-Yaz "Sinus Mountains gave me a sinus infection" Yazbinsky
I am having trouble getting a good rank on this level......that jump is tricky...
WOWOW! I'd be pissed if i didn't get that last flag and died.
i hit the seeling in the hi jump why?!!!! i shood be able to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Floss
Magical is right... This race is perfect!
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