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Head to Head

(United States, Tennessee)  BikerBrian
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Time: 0:11,02
Player's comment:
Gold medal time, but I can be happy with silver .
 Vega (United States, San Diego, CA)
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Time: 0:11,06
Player's comment:
Well folks... (yes, the massive audience that frequents this forum ) I am now the only person to hold a place on the first page of every level in the Standard Pack. That is to say... a TOP 10 rank.

Now, it is worth noting that this level is my worst rank at #9, but I get bronze points since everybody and their grandmother is tied on this silly map.

My worst points on any standard level is equivalent to 7th place at 103 points.

And I am not even finished...
Level 15 - Downhill Madness

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1 comment
There is an unfair glitch that lends credence to a zany conspiracy that this map plays favorites.

Freeze the play at 11.02 and then drag to 11.06.

Brian's tire moves 1 more frame and THEN touches the flag at 11.04 exactly with mine.

THEN! my tire does NOT move even a smidge after 11.04, but my clock runs open til 11.06. All the while, Brian's clock is frozen at 11.02

Both mine and Brian's time should have been final at 11.04.

Verily, verily, I say unto you. Go ahead everybody. Have a looksee for yourselves.

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