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United States, San Diego, CA
Player's comment:
Don't be surprised if this is the last time I ever submit for this level
I'm quite fed up with it
But let it be known!
This game was once gold!
Level 15 - Coal Miner Rescue

Time: 1:14,14 (Completed)



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So there it is folks. If my failed replays bore you then just don't watch them , but maybe they can be used for Head to Head or something Thanks for allowing me to take you on my treacherous journey of rescuing this crazy guy. He killed me about a dozen times

Attempts: 2,167
Completed: 4
So, say these 2167 attempts averaged at 50% completion of the level that would mean you've spent 22 1/2 hours solid rescuing the sad coal miner, probably more!! At least you turned the coal to Gold
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