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United States, San Diego, CA
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My comment on Clay Serpent is -Unquestionably the hardest I have ever worked for a silver medal in all my years of Bike or Die -.

Well... not anymore! My efforts to obtain silver here far supersede my efforts on Clay Serpent.

After 20,064 tries and 591 completed (ridiculous for a map this difficult to complete), I have decided to yield the gold and move on.

Make no mistake... I gave this my very best shot! This silver medal is my greatest defeat in BoD thus far.

How? Because my second best time is 37.12 and I was gunning for gold here. This was a breakthrough run and I missed it by ONE FRAME!!
Level 16 - Jurassic Parking

Time: 0:36,76 (Completed)



My new 36.76 run (black bike) against 6 of my best failed runs that made me want to crush my Treo with a mallet.

Red bike comes close but that's the one where I got horribly robbed with a tire straight through the red flag after the yellow truck.

Yellow bike had a fighting chance for a bit too. This is pretty cool to watch

 Vega vs. 6 others
36.76 (black bike) against 6 of my best completed runs that would all qualify for bronze.

Interesting to see a couple bikes come from behind to catch up to the pack.

Also interesting to see how confidently the black bike pulls away from the pack in the final stretch.

 Vega vs. 6 others
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