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United States, San Diego, CA
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Unquestionably the hardest I have ever worked for a silver medal in all my years of Bike or Die
Level 12 - Clay Serpent

Time: 0:32,24 (Completed)


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I can get ahead of my ghost too on various different runs, but this level is so incredibly unforgiving and rickety rackety, that I just don't know if I want to put in the time to beat Smalls.

10 years ago, I posted 32.50 for 4th place. It took me 1,356 tries for 82 completed runs, and was pushed down to 8th place, tied with MATA.

I have now played 8,993 and completed 528. That's 7,637 tries and 446 completed just to gain 0.26 seconds to move to 32.24 And btw, I tied my own best ghost of 32.50 5 times before I beat it with a 32.28 run. Then I beat 32.50 another 15 times before landing 32.24. Then watching the ghost against Smalls and other players makes it look like there is all kinds of room on this map, which is insane.

I used the "Cirenco/Kris" route all the way up until yesterday. I still think that route has the potential to hit 31.xx, but I find it more difficult to keep speed through the center circle after the jump.

Then, after being rather burnt out, I tried the "Smalls" route, and landed tons of great runs back to back to back. I donít know which route is faster because they both yield extremely close results.

Ok I know that only like 2 people are going to see this post so I will can it.

And now... Clay Serpent is truly my least favorite Standard level, but at least I have conquered it well!!
This 32.24 run against my (3) 32.28 runs. 2 bikes for each route. Very cool!

 Vega vs. 3 others
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