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United States, NORTHPORT
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Rats 2 frames to slow....But i'm still happy with any top 10 time
(love thos!)
Level 1 - Sticky Hill

Time: 0:17,70 (Completed)



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naa I will hit rank 11 in like 2-3 months max(min would be like a few weeks...if I ever finish with this stupid pack getting top 10....wetube is only chance tho and that makes it difficult to improve.....)and rank 11 is close enuf I think...I am close to passing alesky and then spence is only another 200 or so points,hel probly put up a fight but us 2 passing each other back and forth will still be geting me closer to you...

and remember you still have like 40,000 more tries than me...I only have 879 tries here and have second,I can probly hit gold before 950,you on the other hand have over 6,000....

I dont know that it helps me to think of you as a rival,but it motovates me to crush all your golds.....but I am still to lasy for that
one more thing,I havent ever peacked still notice your 40,000 more games than me...I havent peaked simply stopped on a ledge half way up to take a rest,not fully replineshed after eating some healthy pickles,I will ascend faster than not really consistant...
Ah, just like the good ole days. I figured my last post would stir you up, Pickle.

I realize that I have more tries than you... that was my plan. Actually, it's the only sure-fired way to improve in this game. The more you play, the better you get (and the more chances you have of getting a lucky run).

As for Sticky Hill, it didn't take me 6,000 tries to get my current gold time; I got 17:66 many tries ago. I like this level so much, I just kept playing it.

Since this level only takes 18 seconds to completely play it out, and since you can get gold in only 71 more tries, that means you can have gold within 20 minutes of playing this level.

Let me know how that works out for you .
I'd bet that there is no single level in all of BoD Hall of Fame where you can acheive a new gold every 71 tries, including Sticky Hill.
On the other other hand Vega, not everyone has to play a level 38,000 times either.
lol off subject kinda but within 30 runs on each level when nexgen came out i had 11 golds and 4 silvers it was awesome looking lol i still remember daledude and i were competing on the first night on mikes level and all of a sudden i went from 15.8x or so down to 14.6x or so and daledude actually called me at 3 in the morning and said how the hell did you do that!!!! (thats when i discovered the trick on that level, but i made the mistake of agreeing to show mike and dale) still tooo good
Stop exaggerating Laser. My most is 29,000
actully it did work out I got it at 902 triesand vega I have 902(hence what I just said)I ment I could get it within that many MORE tries not 72 tries total(no one but mike can do that....)

yeah I still havent hardly played this week(hence why I am getting a gold...)only around an half hour total so far......

and belive it or not,I actully found a slightly different route here,and thats a rare event on a level this short.....)
WOW me and vega posted at exactly the same time!
Great minds must think alike!
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