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United States, Kansas City
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not even for a day mike but thanks for the motivation
Level 15 - Coal Miner Rescue

Time: 1:02,18 (Completed)



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iv'e gotten really close to getting a good time but I keep on messing up right before the second drop,I can't seem to get that trick just right.
I got to that point in only 39 seconds thoI think if I ever finesh the level agian it will have a great time
lets see i got to the beginning of the second drop in 34 seconds on this time but i usually get there in 30.
yeah but im only going for 4th your going for 1st,so im well on my way,since (compared to you)I have around 15 seconds to spare,so I am accomplishing what I siad I would.
hey henoc i got some research for you to do..(this is a oke unless you really want to of course) find the most commented game in bod history!!!

anyway im going to leave this for know and go on and try to achieve top ten status. i gave it anther 1000 or so tries but i couldnt get a lot closer to perfecting the first tunnel trick though.
I haven't submitted for this level in over 8 months- does anyone mind if I join the party?
Ha ha ha, you got to be kidding bones

I'm only involved in this game less than one and a half years, this game itself has been nearly for 3 and a half years. You should ask that question to someone who has played this game from nearly the beginning, maybe Lee?? or even Kristopher is a good database for BoD

No, i won't do that research, not a chance
I don't think individual recordings were so popular until the recent "modern era" of the game.
This game has more comments than Magnus' game on Shelf, and Rachman's Freestyle game, so it might win, although the Biker's Cafe has the longest threads and posts.
actually laser it would be cool if you didnt go for first here. i already have one threat in kris here i certainly dont need another.

also anyone ever played the game this characer is from or anyone know who he is??
hey laser i just rrealized you said you havent submitted for this level in over 8 months well so has almost everyone who has ever played the level
ok bones no one knows I think,what charecter is it?????Iv been wondering so whats it from???
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