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11. Malysz (2662)
13. Floors (2820)
19. U Jump (2138)
 New Deal (2611)
 Old School (2248)
 BikeForce (1252)

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13. Floors
in  Standard Levels
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Currently showing 193,225 - 5,865 completed, 183,206 failed. Plus around 65,000 (I think) on my dear old TE which fried about a year ago. So maybe 260,000 games in total
I've played around 300,000 games, and I'm surprised anyone has beat that. I guess I'm not the only one who plays a lot.

Of the 262000 (exactly) games recorded on my Tapwave Zodiac (which includes the games I played on the Zire 72s before I got the Zodiac, but not the ones I played on the Zire 72s after I got the Zodiac), 9,248 games are completed.

BTW, you can see some small numbers here:
Well, the numbers come out from the people who just playing it for about 5 to 9 month. Definitely not in one year or more at all
I was thinking of opening my game for the Freestyle competition, but Mike Flips or Vega might take my Gold with my route.
Guaranteed we used the same route. I was just satisfied with Bronze here when I neailed it. I could easily put in the effort to beat your gold, but I just never did.

Here's how this will work... You open your game > > a bunch of people will then compete for a medal on this level. You keep it secret > > nothing will change. Sup to you.
Vega, since you think we have the same route, will you open your game if I open mine?
I'd prefer to keep mine secret... but that's only because I haven't seen any other public game that used the little trick I came up with. I really believe that we used the same little trick as Oliver. I'd rather have people just try to figure it out, but if you open yours, I guess I'd open mine. Just know though that you will absolutely lose this gold very soon if you open your game. Not really sure why you are so antsy to do that.

Maybe I'll try to beat my time before I open it; but I want a good Freestyle entry.
BTW, your smiley blinks really fast.
Yah that guy needs to calm down. He must have some kind of condition or something.

For a good freestyle, why don't you just create a new one.
Carl China

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