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Time Trial Champions
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#37 Aleksey13021.25 pts
#87 KAVABANGA7328.629 pts
(5692.621 pts behind Aleksey)
#103 Arikado5957.532 pts
(1371.097 pts behind KAVABANGA)
#107 Semenov5662.536 pts
(294.996 pts behind Arikado)
#146 ashil3872.292 pts
(1790.244 pts behind Semenov)
#208 graf2221.112 pts
(1651.18 pts behind ashil)
#230 Uran1978.556 pts
(242.556 pts behind graf)
#302 vampire1356.964 pts
(621.592 pts behind Uran)
#315 MiHaN1247.395 pts
(109.569 pts behind vampire)
#363 n1k983.282 pts
(264.113 pts behind MiHaN)
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Several years back I found another game Sz was active with and reached out via email. Offered to buy Bike or Die in full with the intent to breathe life back into the game, this website… the whole kit and caboodle. Never heard back.

I’m not looking to run a gaming business. I just want to see BoD revived like it deserves to be.

Ten thousand other games will come and go, but they ain’t got nothin’ on Bike or Die. Nothing can touch this game.

Hey guys! I was so happy to see Vega's comment about being able to watch runs on an iPhone. I verified that this works. I also learned that I can now watch any open runs on my MacBook Pro using Safari or Chrome. This is crazy, since Flash is supposedly no longer supported.
Bike or Die's going on 2 decades. Where other games would have faded into obscurity, Bike or Die remains loved for. The algorithm is truly one of a kind. Thank you so much Sz for giving us years of memories.

The feuds we waged. The friendships we made. Analyzing frame by frame what the best routes are. Breaking level designs.

It's a pleasure to see others poke their head in every once in a while to say hi and to let us know Bike or Die is not forgotten.

Vega, welcome back after a hiatus. Hope you are doing well these days. I agree in that Sz needs to make a return. It's peculiar that us competitors are active, but he seems to have disappeared.

Nice to see you again, Laser. BikeBrian, Bones, PMD, Mr. Pickle, Andrew, and any other person I've left out. I've read your comments. You, the community, is what makes Bike or Die truly special. Every one of you who has shared rivalry, dedication, and compassion to fellow Bikers.

It would be sad to see this site go one day. One day I may type and be greeted by a 'Requested Page Not Found'. Let's hope this never happens. There are plenty of people here who would love to carry on the legacy that is Bike or Die. With our skills combined, we could replicate the experiences we've had.

Thank you to thedudeguy for putting in the work to recreate BoD. It's a shame you couldn't get the physics just right. That would be a dream if Sz made the source open for us. If anyone is truly down to recreate BoD for the next generation I would be honored to work on the project. If you want to bounce ideas off me too, thedudeguy, I can try the best I can. I only got as far as trigonometry :p

My main expertise is in audio design/mixing. I could do sound effects and possibly the music with professional quality. I also know a little bit of web design and I'm constantly improving on it (full-stack).

As for moving forward, what device would we use? I honestly suggest the Godot engine as it has amazing 2D capabilities as well as deployment for several platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and even HTML 5). The HTML5 exports can be a little janky though with less features (an earlier version of OpenGL is used).

I know how to program a tiny bit using Python which is the language that Godot's GDScript is derived. I've personally used Godot and it's user interface is easy to work with and includes tons of features.

The other route would be coding natively which is too big of a development project for such a small crew. That's why the interoperability of a single codebase may be crucial.

If you are interested in part of a recreation, I can be reached at by my email ( or through my Discord ID (909981557983428649). It would be nice to bring our skills together. It would be nice if we could work with you, Sz.

I love you guys. Life is tough and it's incredible you've made it through. - Th Champ
Nice Seeing you back around Th!

I'm realizing that at this point I'm willing to sift through decompiled byte code to reverse-engineer the physics engine, but am short a source file. I can find the palm pilot version as abandonware places, but the tooling for decompiling and investigating those is nearly nonexistent.

To that end, if anyone has an iOS package available, send it my way ( I've asked PMD for a copy of the game I sent him way back that also includes the editor, as that may speed up the process rather than rebuilding it from scratch.

I have experience with Godot, so I imagine that would be a good surface to port it to once I can figure out what's going on underneath.

The only downside is that I doubt that we'd be able to continue to use this site for outputs from the new game. If someone were interested in understanding how the *replays* worked, that's a blocker I haven't even gotten starting thinking around.

But Th surfaces a real risk - one day may just 404. As a fallback (and perhaps an easier place to organize), I've made a discord: Once I have something started I'll be putting updates there.
was literally about to come here to say I can make a discord. I don't have coding experience (learning now at my job actually) but any way I can contribute I would be heavily interested in. Joined the discord, hope to see more on there.

Champ, your message brought out the feels man. Miss this community even 15ish years later.
Join the Discord so you can talk to me anytime, anywhere.
Hi everybody, I'm an unknown guy here but this game is one of my childhood games and I absolutely love it! Long story... I just came here to say that thedudeguy, Champ and me, are creating a spiritual successor to BoD and have created a website teasing the game, you can find our Discord over there!
It is true. L4gger625 has put in a substantial amount of work into the Bike or Die: Revival project. We are a team of Bike or Die veterans and visionaries here to resurrect the legacy.

Legends never die.

Happy 18th anniversary of Bike or Die's 1.0 release Thank you for being a part of the Bike or Die family for all these years and many years to come. Feel free to join our Discord server for frequent updates and to connect with other Bikers!

We're always looking for new talent to help Bike or Die 3.0 come to fruition. We can't do it alone. Happy biking, my friends.

(if you're reading this, Sz... please come home )
Gotta chime in here. I frequently check in on BoD. A truly serious tragedy to see this amazing game flounder into basically oblivion. Champ - I dunno what this new site is, but I'm very happy to see some die hard BoD'ers doing something [anything] to keep the game alive. I have commented publicly on this forum and attempted to reach Sz on other platforms that I would love the opportunity to buy the ownership rights to Bike Or Die outright. I don't know what the game is worth monetarily. (maybe zilch at this point?) That has nothing to do with my interest. I am neck deep in managing a wildly successful mortgage channel for a Top 5 bank and have no material dreams of striking it rich in a defunct game of yesteryear.

No. The real truth is that Bike or Die is in my blood por vida. I simply want to be an Ambassador of Bike or Die, and would be grief stricken if BoD ever went dark/offline for good. I believe this is the one of the most incredibly complex and fantastically challenging games ever created, on any platform that exists. The possibilities are virtually endless. I know I am not alone. And that lends credence and clout to confirm that there's something special, something different about this crazy game.

Champ/Laser/Bones/the dudeguy/BikerBrian/Pickle/AndrewA/PMD, and I suppose newcomer L4gger625... (and dozens and dozens of other long time comrades of BoD) whatever happens, whoever has connections, please keep me in the loop. I would love to find a way to keep BoD alive and personally be involved in some kind of substantial capacity if possible.

Hey everybody

I am not going to pretend that I would be of any use at all whatsoever in helping create a new game when it comes to the technical details. That being said, I did bookmark the revival website you guys made and if/when you get to beta testing I am more than happy to help if that would indeed be helpful.

If anyone ever does manage to get in touch with SZ I am 100% on board with helping to fund a purchase of the website/game from him. I keep hoping I will log on here and find that he in a spout of nostalgia will have logged in and seen all of our comments and gotten in touch with someone to give or sell the game to us but so far no such luck.

Anyways, all this to say I hope you all are doing well and if there is anything I can do to help I am happy to do so but I am afraid anything regarding game design is outside my skillset... See you all next time I log in (Probably something like 6 months from now I will find myself wondering if anyone saw my last post haha

Its kind of depressing logging in here but also just so so nostalgic
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