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XA Software 3
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 XA Software
Since: 2 Jan 2005

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XA Software L11
XA Software L12
XA Software L13
XA Software L14
XA Software L15
XA Software L16
XA Software L17
XA Software L18
XA Software L19
XA Software L20
It doesn't have to be in the Hall of Fame, but it would have been good.
1 comment
This is the first level pack that is refined enough to remind me of the original levels. Everything is all so intentional, I love it! Very visible in L9 and L4 how much time the designer put into making the bike go exactly where he wanted. The only annoying bit is having to go back and do levels you've already done in the dark. Also, it would be nice to have a "congratulations" level at the end. It was kind of anti-climatic when I finally beat the last level.
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