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Head to Head

(United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire)  Andrew A
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Time: 0:16,74
Player's comment:

Slid past the top of the flag for about oohhh - 3 seconds .. Otherwise almost a cert Gold.

Will have to check in Edge (where I can do a fullscreen replay, but not comment - the opposite of Chrome).

Just checked and 16.46-.50 looks about right. When my bike actually 'finishes', I'm nowhere near the flag anymore..
 Andrew A (United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire)
Submitted: View solo
Time: 0:16,48
Player's comment:

Just the one (smiley).

But super annoyingly smug...
Level 5 - Underground

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Pause at precisely frame 16.24 and you can see that your front tires are identically aligned to the frame. This supports my previous comments that your 16.74 run here was not ahead of my 16.68 run. It was just a disadvantageous angle by comparison. Your new 16.48 gold is proper. You tilted back over the mines like a gangster.
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