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United States, Highland
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My next project: Fear of the Dark. If the idea I'm looking at works, I'll have that time to 40-45 seconds, its I think even more outlandish than this one though so don't expect results too quick! P.S. My current stats on lasertag are 39825 attempts, only 149 completions, 11405 failures :p I restart early a lot :p
Level 14 - LaserTag

Time: 0:41,52 (Completed)



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Make sure we get some comments here guys! I don't care if I keep the gold I care that people know it was my route :p
HAHA ridiculous! That was amazing. But I really don't know because Ive only played this level once or twice...
mike flips

Turns out I was only half right.

After getting the 4th flag, I was turning around and continuing along the normal route, going along the bottom towards the 5th flag. Then instead of jumping onto the top level to get the 6th flag like everyone else did, I finished the same way that you did (hanging on the top level with one wheel and going diagonally down towards the 7th flag). In order to do this, I had to jump off the far right circle perfectly in order to land hanging on the top right platform - and that was really hard to do. My route saved a couple seconds, but your new trick between the 4th and 5th flag saved so much more.

Great job!

It sounds like what you're describing was what Casey did in his run currently in 6th place.
A WOW from Mike Flips and a ridiculous from Spence. Pretty high praise.

That was a sweet run.

Another WOW! I can't believe you thought of that, let alone did it. However, I think part of the spotlight should be on the level designer...just can't think of his name.
That's a brazen abuse of the physics of the game, and an awesome display of lateral thinking.
The switch/catch/stall for the 2nd flag
The Cable car drop to the 5th flag
The just-plain-rude catch and spin to cable car the 6th flag
Thanks so much for sharing! - and no, it's not going to be a route that many can duplicate so smoothly
Something people should know about me:
I love physics, I love physics simulators, it is by leaps and bounds my favorite science, and what attracted me to this game. As I said back on my 43 second game that I kept secret, I'm not a great BoD player and I expect to lose this gold very quickly now that the route is visible. I'll see you guys when I make another breakthrough on some other level. (I actually have more ideas about this one but they would be even more difficult to do, though similar themed.)
Kenn mate - just getting all of the 14 level packs complete is a hell of an accomplishment - welcome to the club, and can't wait for any more of this kind of insanity from you!
holy frickin crap....

I have done the bit from 18-24 secs, but those other tricks seem obvious now, I am suprised noone else has found them, especially the first one right after getting the second flag.

Exellent entry sah, you gained alot of rep with this one gold. Looking forward to more from you I still cant get the hang of the itouch controls...
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