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Need my BoD fix

I haven't had a Palm device in something like 8 years. Now I'm wanting to play BoD again...

If I buy a Palm device, how do I get the full version of BoD? The link to purchase it is dead and I don't have my purchase info from the first time.

So much has happened since I was here the last time! I managed to kill my device late 2016 during an update, so I had to do a factory reset, which unfortunately deleted BoD. If there is any way to download it I'd love to get back into the game Doesn't seem to be though..

Grats on the total domination Andrew! been watching some of your runs, and I'm really impressed by them
Hmm.. so I managed to install the game again

But.. I can't access the menus, I can only play the first level :/ do I need an older version of iOS to play? In which case, is it even possible to revert to an older OS?
Kamirashi - I tried to install on my iphone 5s and it was a fail. I've been told that you need a very old version of iOS.
I'm trading an old galaxy note I have for a first gen iPad in a few days, hoping it'll work
2018 and Iím here to see if there's a solution to play BoD & #128517;

Iíve been playing a game called Bike Rivals by MiniClip, which resembles a little bit BoD, but the more I play it, more I want BoD back!
you need an outdated iOS device, I'm getting a 1st gen iPad today, can't wait to play BoD again
Yoo what happened to Sz? < /3
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