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7 Year Itch

Who would have thought? There is a new Hall of Fame levelpack
 7 Year Itch
Thanks must go to   BikerBrian and   Alpha who compiled the pack, and of course the level creators:   thedudeguy   _alex_   Bg   Champ   Ergo

Whooo! You're alive! < 3

Any chance of ever getting an Android version? Bike or Die is still my favourite physics game and while there are some other bike trial games around, none matches the fun I had with Bike or Die on my Zodiac...
Wooo! Unfortunately I am having technical difficulties uploading from my T3
Thanks Sz!

Kris, I use an SD card and transfer the files over using my laptop's card reader, so that avoids most issues with hotsyncing or whatver
A huge THANK YOU to Sz for getting this new pack up so quickly. There is more activity on our site than in a long time. I'm really glad so many are still around.
Thanks for feeding my addiction. I can't get enough of this game.
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