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Bike or Die - Android

Do you have plans to port it to Android? It would be AWESOME! =D


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I second the opinion, if it is possible.
Please give us a YES or a NO! =)
Haha! That's awesome Thiago. Well played.

Thanks bud.

I would really like to see this happen as the proud owner of Galaxy S. The palms just not even worth charging anymore.
Actually, abstinence is quite good. Maybe we donít want to see it on Android and just donít need BoD anymore.

(Reverse psychology might work )
Abstinence worked for me
I would prefere it to be ported to the palm pre, but I suppose unfortunatly the palm pre isnt going to take off the way its supposed to, the android phones are to big for my personal taste though..
the Pre already runs palm apps... also there are small android phones such as the Aria and x10 mini.
But it runs crappy in the palm os simulator...It wasnt worth the trouble of getting it on there(took me like 3 hours to get the hotsync thing to work...)
I would like this game to be on Android as well please! I'm planning to get an Android phone soon and there are news that Google now allows paid apps to be in the Android Market. I think this game would be the first game I'll get when it is released to the Android Market.

Maybe he is already working on it and his first message on this thread will be: "Bike or Die released for Android Phones!"
That would be tremendous. I like how you think Thiago.

If anyone can do it, I know Sz can.
You could try sending him a personal message, he will respond to that..
I miss BoD after I moved on from my Palm 700p Every now and then I get the email from the HOF telling me I've dropped another rank or two and I almost cry.

I now have a HTC Evo with Android 2.2 and overall it is the best phone I've ever owned with the exception of not having BoD or anything close in comparison available.


I have relevant experience and would even volunteer dev, test or other time to see this happen...
I'm in the same situation, except I moved to a Captivate with a custom 2.2 rom and its amazing besides a lack of BoD.

AndroidRequest +& #8734;
not what I typed^^^
Carl China
angry birds......
This needs to be revived yet again. I just recently started playing again because I found an old iPod in my closet, and I'd forgotten how much I LOVE THIS GAME. If I had it on my Nexus, life would be perfect. I'm pretty sure there are tools in place that do most of the work for porting from iPhone to Android, so can this please happen?!
Did we all give up on this?? I have a Droid Razr and would much like to play it on here. SZ...where are you man??
We didn't, we would all still love for it to happen, but as it currently stands sz hasn't been heard from in a year or so, so enless we know someone who programs for android who wants to figure it out we are sunk
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