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New feature: Restore your recordings

It is now possible to redownload your best recordings by clicking a button in your player's profile (in "Games on-line").
This allows you to regain your best times, ghost bikes, and open all previously available levels, after losing your files or switching to a new device.

After installing the files in Palm you have to rebuild the results database manually. Start the game, type "rescue" (without quotes) + enter. Repeat for all levelpacks. (Omitting this step only restores the recorded games without marking the newly installed files as your best times)

iPhone/iPod users have to log into their player account in the mobile safari browser and use the "Download" button from there. Yes, this is also a way you can transfer your Palm recordings to iDevice

Sz! You are amazing ! But when will you add the comments on profiles feature ?
Worked perfectly - great to have all my best ghosts to race against on the iPhone...
LOL Perfect! exactly now as i hardresetted my t5 to clean it up a bit
wow - i can say that i was waiting for this function since i crashed my Palm for the first time. thanks
this must save you a stack of time - you must have sorted me out at least 4 times with this personally!
nice one Sz - hope the ipod thing takes off for you
I was just about to ask again . This is a great feature!
Awesome! I migrated all my old palm scores to my iphone. Excellent. This is truly the only app left that I missed from my palm!
mike flips
OMG YES!!!!!
Roberto Var
Excellent!!! I just updated to 2.1a and lost everything, what a great feature!!!!
Do you have to have 2.0 or higher installed to be able to use this feature? I am using 1.6 and just returned to a Palm OS device.
Anyway to transfer your Palm records over on an ipod touch (3rd gen) without going through Safari, like say going through a desktop component instead? I suppose I could pay a visit to a coffee shop sometime soon, but it's always nice to have the flexibility of a connection through a computer. I wish bluetooth were an option.
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