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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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Bike or Die - Android
Do you have plans to port it to Android? It would be AWESOME! =D

Upvote comments
BikerBrian brought up an idea that I believe has been tossed around in the forum beofre a few times. Many forums give people the ability to upvote comments. Then the player who receives the upvotes gets 10 reputation points or whatever. The best example I've seen of this is on What do you all think about Sz maybe implementing something like this?
Carl China
If This Game has PC Version
This game will HOT.
Do u consider Google+ game ?
Google+ game seems a nice platform for earning money to u...
Sz, is there a way you'll be interested in developing a BoD version for iPhone? Using the features like accelerometer would be great for controlling the bike. I know the platform is very new, but it's great (I just got mine). Let me know what you think.
Adding achievements.....
It's cheap, but it works. Alot of games for Ipod Touch, Xbox, and Nintendo do it. It seems it adds ALOT MORE replayability and value to almost anything.

Some I can think off the top of my head include...
--Beating all official level packs (although the Golden Club already covers this)
--doing 8 or more flips in the air
--spending 10 more seconds in the air for a single jump
--beating at least 50 user created levels
--beating 15 levels ranked as hard difficulty
--collecting a grand total of over 1,000 flags
--submitting best times for 40 levels.

... etc.

Dunno if the rework of existing code 'll make it feasible, but figure I'd throw the idea out.
Starting Direction
Maybe someone else has already talked about this, but I think you should be able to pick what direction you start in for each level. The fastest route isn't always what the level creator intended and on many levels this means that you need to quickly reverse directions before you begin playing. Often this affects what time you get. I've started many games over again just because I missed the direction change by a couple frames. Making starting direction into a personal option for each level would remedy this.
can you add multiplayer in iphone via bluetooth, wifi and/or online

this be great

There should be an option to play a level for freestyle, where you can continue playing after beating the level
new air to the game
1) create a history mode
2) add a "archivements"
3) see the ranking of friends (could you add the game a plus network)
4) navigate in web page without out of game

5) make a semanal rankings

Global Rank on the device
inside the game

see the actual ranking of my best games, submited
ang Global rankings

See rank while selecting a level to play
What about being able to download the text or csv to your device. That way, when browsing for a level to play, you can see where you globally rank on each level. It could be shown next to your best time for a level.

Just an idea.
Country Hall of Fame comments
I think that each Country Hall of Fame should have its own message board.

E.g. view.php?c=0& cf=52& hf=& hp=0 shows only Russian players but still everyone's comments. That would be great if there was a separate list of comments instead when a particular country is chosen.
Real rank
I know it has been suggested about a thousand times before, but the rank distribution chart would be much better following real rank.... Right now my worst rank is on downhill madness (238) and my real rank on that is 51... and the real rank chart would probably give a better idea of a player's scores at first glance because the large outliers will be removed and that would make more room for the numbers on the bottom
Also sorry to all of the forum users for my large amount of large posts, I just want to say all that i want to before i'm going to be off of the internet
Carl China
New in HoF
"Medals by Bikers" Competition.Sz!
Level Editor for iPhone
Is a Level Editor in the works for the Iphone for the future or is that not even on the list of things to do?

Just curious as it was one of my favorite things to create a level on my palm and send it to my friends to beat.

Kinda created competition between friends as to whom could create and beat each others levels.

Just curious.
Ideas from a n00b
Ok, I just started playing BoD on the iPhone. Love it. Never played it before so I'm a total floundering newbie. However, I've been a mountain biker in real life and fan of trials biking. I love the simulation that this game has to biking most of the time. I have issues with a couple things though, that give rise to these ideas.

how about a more rigid main bike frame and real suspension like action. The fork should not travel back and forth but in and out. The rear wheel can have a lot of travel but should simulate a pivot point somewhere on the main frame. It bugs me that the rear wheel often travels "INTO" the body of the rider. It would also be nice if, with a slightly more rigid frame, the bike could absorb greater impacts when landing on the wheels. It appears that if the momentum squishes the rider and bike to the point of making contact with the ground, the rider dies. A stiffer frame would prevent this and make the game slightly easier.

Which brings me to the rider. What a goof. He shouldn't be riding around waving BOTH arms in the air! LOL.

OK, new ideas: what about a new button that hops the bike vertically ala a bunny hop. Or simply touching both rotate buttons simultaneously although this seems awkward. In my head, it seems that a hop, combined with a forward weight shift could accomplish some real life trials action like this youtube video shows: m/watch?v=mYIKfEU8yl8& feature=PlayList& p=2E59838833C76F6A& playnext=1& playnext_from=PL& index=5
You could also employ a bunny hop while riding fast to just hurdle over obstacles.

Finally, how about upgradeables? Like after completing certain achievements or something you can upgrade to cooler clothes on the rider, or body armor, or different wheels or something.
Level designer awards
It would be really cool to create a HoF like thing, (with medals) for total hit counts per players account, but instead of just 1st, 2nd, and 3rd medals for the three top, a different format that allows more medals (i'm still thinking how that would work)
iPhone/iPod leaderboards suggestion
I was looking at the leaderboards and I noticed the country leaderboards on the right, but then I thought that maybe (if there is time to) if it could be made that there could be an iBiker only board, a Palm only board, and a both only board, and then the current leaderboard, it would be a great way to tell the difference between iBikers and Palm BoD-ers
I think it would be really convenient to have a Facebook-like Alerts/Notifications page as a link on your profile page.
This would tell you things like:
- when someone comments on a thread/level after your comment
- when someone passes you on any of the leaderboards

Also maybe a Favorite Players/Friends list for your profile and you could receive notifications when your friends post new times and comments.

Maybe somebody else has thought of the Notifications idea?
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