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Golden Club Vega
Correction: Actually you'll go from #10 to #6... so 4 people in less than a year. 5 people in less than 2 years

And then you'll pass Laser in about 4 years (give or take) depending on how many golds you and I take from Laser and how many golds you take from other players
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Had a quick go at this today.

I think it's one of those levels that takes a looong time to get a good time on.

BB and Tyler are probably way out of sight for the amount of time I can put in, but maybe Kams time is beatable. Maybe.
Golden Club Andrew A
Thanks for the kind words Vega

Yea - Golden Club has never been that big a deal for me really. I started way too late, gave up for years and didn't get good till relatively recently. However - another 40 or 50 Golds would certainly hurry things along nicely

Still raining, still dreaming..
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Well - that was quicker than expected!

Have to decide - am I going to try and get past Tyler. Or even BB!
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Just managed to sneak past Tyler
Time Trial Champions Andrew A
Also just snuck past the 26,000 points mark. By 1 point!
Andrew A's game on Glasses of Water... Andrew A
Equal Gold, and this is my first completion of this route!

Had a quick go in my tea break to start learning the moves, and about 15 minutes later - this pops out.

Thing is - can I improve or did I get very lucky with a run I can't beat?
Andrew A's game on Glasses of Water... Andrew A
Well - done it!

Bit behind with my project now - best get on..
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Have to say - just kicking back with a beer before bed, after a manic day, and looking at this for the first time (since the first time..). It's a very elegant and pleasing run. Just a bit clueless along the bottom section.

Points for Artistic Interpretation would have been a nice addition to the game way back - no?

Can you imagine the mayhem.

All those schoolkids (make your own list) - totally bamboozled (WTF is Artistic Merit?. Fast is fast. More is more. Yngwie beats Jimi. etc..).

Would have been great - though who would be judge?..

Andrew A's game on Chambers Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Everchanging Hallway Andrew A
Not very fond of this level so quite happy to leave it here
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
Just managed to pip you here BB!
Andrew A's game on Ant Hill Andrew A
Not a lot of time to play recently, but just managed to snaggle enough points to take the pack.

Will try and round up a few more here and there.
Andrew A's game on Ant Hill Andrew A
A bit better
Andrew A's game on Four Things Andrew A
Just managed to take this

Not a great run, but it's a very inconsistent beginning so you don't get to the finish section very often! A BB class ending takes well over a second more off.
Andrew A's game on Welcome Dungeon Andrew A
Managed to get this Silver yesterday, taking the top spot in the pack in the process

May play a few other levels in the pack before moving on to Standard levels. The only pack standing between me and (BOD) world domination..


That will be an incredibly slow grind I think. If even doable.
Andrew A's game on Welcome Dungeon Vega
Nice play here. Extremely close to taking gold. I actually have completed the entire BikeForce levelpack but on my computer (desktop PC).
I think BikerBrian or maybe someone else helped me get a PC copy a while back. Wasn't a fan of how it played though.
Didn't seem to have the same command/control as with my handheld. Watching this reminds me of playing this years ago.
Andrew A's game on Bike or Pi Back Andrew A
Not really been able to play for the last week or so, and a bit undecided as to what I want to do anyway. Feeling a bit jaded with the game at the mo tbh, but had a go at this and took a fair chunk off my previous time. Only one place and 2 points though! (Boo!)

on the plus side - only 3 frames from Bronze, and I can say tha the Gold is beatable by a fair margin! (Huzzah!)

Maybe a weekend riding round Wales on a selection of Norton Commandos, Triumph Bonneville's. BSA Rocket 3's - and a sprinkling of Italian same period exotica, will rejuvenate the Mojo.

It's great having a brother with immaculate bike taste, and the wherewithal to have the collection.

Kick , Kick , KiCK,... KIICKK - RRoaRR!! Crobba, crobba, crobba... (that's the brit bikes.. )
Andrew A's game on Infinity Pretzel Andrew A
Just noticed that this was secret - not deliberate - open.
Andrew A's game on Bike or Pi Back Andrew A
Back after a mini break, and surprised myself with this after only about half a dozen attempts. Not the quickest start - a bit bouncy, but the rest is mostly ok.
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