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15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
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Bike or Die - Android Sz, Do you have plans to port...
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If This Game has PC Version This game will HOT.

Bike or Die 2 Released Here comes the new Bike or Die...
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7 Years On Bike! BoD is 7 years old and I'm sti...

iOS 8.0 problems I just upgraded to iOS 8.0. Wh...
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RaNo's game on Riding School Part 2 3mh
Wow what a ride !!! Compliment
Fofo's game on Touch Bricks Melkij
Hard so no comments, still try.
Robin's game on Pipe Universe Robin
Off the wall! Check out this fluke. I was trying to get the flag off the wall, but managed to slip through the gap!
Roel's game on Underground Dags
Brilliant!! You've got my vote - never would have thought it possible.
Roel's game on Underground SooHyunKim
This is really nice. My vote is yours.
STG's game on Wheel Insider STG
Lucky Shot!!! Excellent Time and lucky control
rachman!'s game on Sawtooth SooHyunKim
This looked very easy but was kinda hard.. well, I admire your play. Well done.
AndyFong424's game on Wheel Insider AndyFong424
Performing 4 spins continuously for two times!!
bb_fighters's game on Wheel Insider bb_fighters
Fast and fabulous moves~
Time Trial Champions mattoo
Bike or Die is such a great game, thanks for your work !!
Bikers are kindly invited to contact me for any question or comment concerning the French Translation of Bike or Die ;o)
Timpy's game on Touch Bricks Timpy
WOW now that is a hard level
Lee's game on Double Sprint Lee
A Lucky Bounce, after a HUGE leap.
Roel's game on Underground Lee
Bloody Hell.... I could never do this!
Nice one!
Lee's game on Double Sprint SooHyunKim
Nice to see a kiwi here. ^^
PTS's game on U Jump SooHyunKim
Hi~ Nice to see a Korean here..hehe.. Good luck.
SooHyunKim's game on Downhill Madness PTS
SDC's game on Downhill Madness SnowBlind
Now this deserves votes!
SooHyunKim's game on Downhill Madness Dr. John
Sweet!!!! This level is drving me mad!
Downhill Madness Time Trial Dr. John
This level is driving me MAD!!
Old Freestyle SooHyunKim
Sz, Are you the developer of this game?
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