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15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
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Bike or Die - Android Sz, Do you have plans to port...
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If This Game has PC Version This game will HOT.

Bike or Die 2 Released Here comes the new Bike or Die...
7 Year Itch Who would have thought? There ...
7 Years On Bike! BoD is 7 years old and I'm sti...

iOS 8.0 problems I just upgraded to iOS 8.0. Wh...
new ipad. how do i get my stuf... hi there. i've got an ipad and...

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Dave Linger's game on Sinus Mountains Dave Linger
Dave Linger's game on Sinus Mountains Dave Linger
Seven Flips, still good time!
rachman!'s game on Pipe Universe Blake
I don't think many people are going to vote for your freestyle game if we can't see it...
M's game on Sinus Mountains M
Check the wheelies, flips, rolls, stoppy and bunny hop as I put the style into freestyle! This is about control, not time!
Didier's game on Touch Bricks Didier
Obviously I wasted some time at the end to make sure I finished it... Man this took me forEVER!!!
Pvu's game on Cloudwalk Didier
Good job, man!
Fofo's game on Riding School Part 2 Didier
That's amazing!!!
Pvu's game on Big Cheese Didier
Tu devrais soumettre ce niveau en "Freestyle"... Ta derniere descente est spectaculaire!!! (avec un brin de chance... n''est-ce pas?)
Aleksey's game on U Jump Aleksey
Cool Freestyle
SDil's game on Riding School SDil
The good trick has kept 2-3 seconds, vote...
RaNo's game on Riding School Part 2 AplMik
Can someone help me with vertical avenue
Max's game on Spike Cave AplMik
you rock but can you help me with vertical avenue
David's game on Double Sprint RaymondH
Good spining, so cool!!
Roel's game on Underground Roel
Bike or fly!
The Ratt's game on The Right Way David
That is cool
rachman!'s game on Sawtooth rachman!
Well, I was lucky...
Roel's game on Underground rachman!
Wow!! I wouldn´t believe it if I wouldn´t have seen it...
Roel's game on Underground Roel
Me neither
Roel's game on Underground Dave Linger
Melkij's game on Spike Cave Melkij
That was hard. A lot of places for mistakes.
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