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Champ vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Kinda backs up my earlier comment about the drive along the bottom on the way back being a good bit faster than Champs leap. Almost makes up for my tardy start.
Champ vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Ain't no mere 3 or 4 frames in my estimation. More like 30 to 40, possibly!

At the belly of the snowman on the way back (getting surreal already..), my front wheel overlaps Champs back wheel, precisely. By the time he takes off over the mines, he has pulled away another half a wheel (give or take) - so he is going a lot faster than me - at that point. From the moment my back wheel touches down and starts driving, on the Finish side of that mine pit, I get pretty close to not only overcoming the speed deficit, but closing down the large gap as well.

I took an instant decision not to wheelie along the last 'Old Rugged Tree' section, as I didn't want to jeopardise the run - not being sure if a backwards flip and backwheel finish would work out. Still not sure on that one, but if so then it's quite possible that I might have pipped Champ even on this run despite the gap at the mines.


The point being that this level could go a lot quicker.

The council for the Defence rests it's case (for the moment) M'lud..
Champ vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Or should that be prosecution?

No - I'm def a Defender kind of Guy. Or Guardian. Yea - Of the Galaxy - that appeals. But not a Racoon, I think - however smart. Or a tree, unfortunatelee.

Now - where's that Walkman and those mixtapes?..
Champ vs. Andrew A Vega
can't see this atm cause i'm on my iphone, but good job on getting into the 19s. i think ghost bike (and a modern apple device) probably makes a gigantic difference. i have never run this map against a ghost.
Champ vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Ghost bike can be a mixed Blessing. Anxiety hard on your heels, sometimes..

Modern Apple device sure beats a broken Palm

Get yourself one. Oh hey - you've already got one..
Champ vs. Andrew A Andrew A
But of course - you need an older one...
Champ vs. Andrew A Vega
Sorry bro but ain't no case restin' going on here. Studying the reply closely reveals quite easily that Th Champ held a lead of between approx .24-.32 seconds at various points throughout the run, but ended only .14 ahead of you.

That means you gained between .10-.18 seconds on the final stretch where you stayed very close to the ground and he didn't. That's 5-9 frames that you managed to pull on him.

If you could gain 30-40 frames, that puts you at 18.xx. And I swear on the soul of my father, Domingo Montoya , if you land an 18.xx on Double Sprint, I will quit BoD por vida, concluding unequivocally that I am vastly inferior to your biking wizardry.
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Andrew A
Ok - not 30 to 40 frames as you say Vega, but .3 to .4 of a second is possible (though very very difficult).

I reverted to an easier, more consistent start method - just to practice the turnaround, and this popped out within about 5 runs! This start really does set you up better for the turnaround, but I gave up about .3 of a sec to Champ at one point.

The drive all the way back is pretty difficult to get, but much, much quicker, no?

Champ vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Champs back wheel is at the point of the mine pit on the rise after the snowman on the way back, at 15.54. Mine gets there at 15.94 (give or take a frame or so - angles of bikes not being equivalent). So - 0.4 of a second.

Not that I'm going to try for a better time - unless I have to in future
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Vega
VERY nicely done, AA.

5,360 players have submitted a time for this level, and you now have gold!
Andrew A's game on Sinus Mountains Andrew A
Couldn't have had a more mistimed ending - without dying

Early days.
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Andrew A
Thanks for that, Vega.

For all my talk of .3/.4 of a second - it's still just 1 frame though..

Back in the day, this would have felt vulnerable. It still does.

So - have you got yersel' an old iPod yet?
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Vega
Not yet bud. Still on the ol' rusty Treo.
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Andrew A
1,312 less players than on Riding School (btw), So, yea - a summery breezy walk in the park..

Cue The Isley Brothers.. (some people think it was Jimi H who played the guitar lead lines on that song, but he had left the band by then - with a year or two of anonymity still ahead of him, before he arrived in a properly appreciative London, under the managership of Chas Chandler - ex bass player of The Animals, and himself pretty much broke at that point).

It was Ernie Isley who played those guitar lines - being totally in the thrall of Jimi (but without the - ahem - same level of creativity?).

If anyone is interested.

Just because I heard the song today for the first time in years
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Andrew A
Still on the ol' Trusty reo, ehh?
Time Trial Champions Aleksey
Hello All.
Was a good game, shame that is not ported to the new device Android, iOS. Now playing of TrialsFrontier. (translated via online translator)
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
My comment on Clay Serpent is -Unquestionably the hardest I have ever worked for a silver medal in all my years of Bike or Die -.

Well... not anymore! My efforts to obtain silver here far supersede my efforts on Clay Serpent.

After 20,064 tries and 591 completed (ridiculous for a map this difficult to complete), I have decided to yield the gold and move on.

Make no mistake... I gave this my very best shot! This silver medal is my greatest defeat in BoD thus far.

How? Because my second best time is 37.12 and I was gunning for gold here. This was a breakthrough run and I missed it by ONE FRAME!!
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
My new 36.76 run (black bike) against 6 of my best failed runs that made me want to crush my Treo with a mallet.

Red bike comes close but that's the one where I got horribly robbed with a tire straight through the red flag after the yellow truck.

Yellow bike had a fighting chance for a bit too. This is pretty cool to watch

 Vega vs. 6 others
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
36.76 (black bike) against 6 of my best completed runs that would all qualify for bronze.

Interesting to see a couple bikes come from behind to catch up to the pack.

Also interesting to see how confidently the black bike pulls away from the pack in the final stretch.

 Vega vs. 6 others
Vega's game on Downhill Madness Vega
Well folks... (yes, the massive audience that frequents this forum ) I am now the only person to hold a place on the first page of every level in the Standard Pack. That is to say... a TOP 10 rank.

Now, it is worth noting that this level is my worst rank at #9, but I get bronze points since everybody and their grandmother is tied on this silly map.

My worst points on any standard level is equivalent to 7th place at 103 points.

And I am not even finished...
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