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Andrew A's game on Riding School Part 2 Vega
Nice job Andrew. I played this level almost til my thumb was bleeding.

You can see in my H2H against mike's run that I was butthurt about the (as you say) "pernickety"-ness of the finish flag pixel registration of the bike tire.

I've never revisited the first 10 levels (all the way through Vanilla Sky) after ghost bike was implemented so I think I could improve on all my times (except The Right Way ), especially since I was wet behind the ears in this game when landing all those runs.

Anywho... 11.xx is a dam fine time here and it puts you right at the top of the pile for this map.
Vega vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Don't be too sure about owning this level, Vega - going forward. I've only played this level a tiny, tiny fraction of the number of times you have - so far, and I bet you thought you had an unbeatable start..

I will be getting to it again at some point soon.

Sleep well.

Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A

Still - not a complete waste of time.

Taken approx 0.24 off my TR..

And 25.84 is do-able.
Vega vs. Andrew A Vega
bwahahahah!! AA - no matter what... I have "owned" this level for over 11 years now.

Besides, I have completed The Right Way at 19.14 or better more than 20 times.

I had 19.12 more than 10 times (10x GOLD), and wasn't satisfied, and finally landed 19.08.

Is 18.xx possible? Yes... I believe it is.

Good luck.
Vega vs. Andrew A Vega
Just watched the H2H several times and paused at various moments.

At your best point on the map, you are ahead of me by 0.14 when your tire reaches the first rock in the ground on the top plateau.

But as everyone who has ever landed 19.xx on TRW knows, the 2nd half of this map is the hard part.
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A

23 to go
Andrew A's game on Riding School Vega
Incredible! Just your average 9 year standing gold of mike flips... taken down!

Nicely done, AA.

When I finally revisit this level, I'm taking either silver or gold.
Vega vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Quite right on all points Vega

I just couldn't resist gently poking the wasps nest with a (very long) stick. Luckily the wasps are feeling fairly benign atm, so I didn't have to bravely run away..

I will give this a good shot when I get there, but doubt I will beat your time. You on the other hand don't seem quite so sure, given the very recent obfuscation of your run...

Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
Thankyou for that Vega.

I'd call it a slightly glittery, rather than a stellar run, but I can do better if needed.

Oh my goodness! It appears to have... Disappeared!!
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
Oh - and I've always presumed it's Vega, because that is the brightest star in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere?

Or is it?

Perhaps I should change my BOD handle to Sol?
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
Actually - I forgot about Sirius - the Dog Star. Duh.
Vega vs. Andrew A Vega

i'm good bud. just wanted to make it more challenging for you.

(that and it doesn't thrill me with overflowing joy to take on the unsatisfactory role of volunteering as the primary accomplice in the death of my longstanding BoD legacy golds )
Champ vs. Shane Andrew A
Never done a H2H with these 2 runs before, but I've always considered getting as much drive as possible on the return ultimately quicker.

Th Champ spends too much time in the air - Shane gains a little bit on that return.

I could do with bettering my time here - I've pushed the simplistic but reliable start almost as far as it can go (a touch more left, maybe). It's just not a level I can get enthused about. But I may have too..
Champ vs. Shane Andrew A

A very important point being that Shane is a good few frames ahead at the end, but misses the center of the flag.
Champ vs. Shane Andrew A
'A good few' being 2 or 3.

Normal etiquette about triple posts stopped being relevant a long time ago, btw. When this page sort of turned into an unintentional BOD blog kind of thing. With drop in guest stars..
Champ vs. Shane Andrew A
This page being the Forum page. Of course.
Champ vs. Shane Vega
The frames on this level are extremely tight at these times. These minuscule differences you are seeing might amount to 3-4 frames.

My stats on this level are staggering... more than 20,000 tries and more than 4,000 completed runs to hit 19.80. Haven't played it since. Sure maybe Th Champ's time is beatable, but there just isn't a lot more to explore on this map.

Watch the top 5 runs on H2H. Never once do any of the bikes separate themselves from the pack. It's as if they are all bungeed to each other. Have a looksee:  Champ vs. 4 others
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Andrew A
Just snuck into the sub 20 second club
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Andrew A
Move on up - t'wards your destination!

Snappin' at your heels Vega..
Andrew A's game on Double Sprint Andrew A
Slap me with a wet kipper - that was quick!

4th. Not too shabby
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