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Andrew A vs. Andrew A Vega
Good grief. What an incredibly painful place to die. You die at 1:24.40 and it takes the red bike til about 1:26.02 to reach the exact spot where you died.

That means you could have landed a 1:30.xx, just like you say (sub 1:31).
Golden Club Vega
Mike Flips surpassed 200,000 days! Mental.
Golden Club Vega
Just to put that into perspective. If a new person posted 50 golds on their first day of BoD, it would take almost 11 years for them to reach 200,000 days in the Golden Club!

And that's if nobody ever took any of that player's golds during that 11 years.
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Without question the absolute WORST ROBBERY in the history of BoD!

This is supposed to be a new Gold run ladies and gentlemen.
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
It is the ONLY time I have ever successfully performed this type of powerful bounce out of the bottom right corner and landed well on the yellow truck.

But apparently it did not capture the red flag! Ahhh!!! I executed the rest of the map virtually flawlessly.

The difficulty and unlikeliness of landing this run again using this technique is extremely high.

Here is my tire capturing the red flag at 18.88. You can see that the corner of the flag is almost touching the red frame in the exact center of the tire. ROBBED!

Here is the finish with full contact on the checkered flag at 36.72, one frame ahead of Mike's gold!!!!!

What a terrible shame

Vega vs. Vega Vega
Kristopher vs. Vega Vega
Here is another run that would've been deep into new gold territory.
My back tire touches down on the yellow truck .70 seconds ahead of Kris.
Keeping that lead for the remainder of the level would put me at 36.30.

Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
Indeed, indeed.

Brain fart.
Golden Club Andrew A
Pah! I'll 'ave 'im in months!

(a lot of months )

Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Andrew A
That is incredibly bad luck - you must have missed it by a whisker.

I've noticed similar things happening many times. Maybe the 'Circle of Contact' (or whatever you want to call it) around the designated center of the flag isn't a true circle, but faceted - so it depends upon the angle your wheel sweeps past ( and it's own CoC would be the same), as to whether you get a contact or not. Also, often the center of the flag doesn't seem to be the center of the 'target'. The physics engine is pretty old and probably not very high resolution. Not having designed a level I don't know, just guessing.

And no comfort - sorry
Jurassic Parking Time Trial Vega
when i landed my 37.70 run, i really thought it might be my only 37.xx and i would be done.

but son of a gun if i couldn't walk away.

and so far i've landed at least 40 completed runs of 37.xx.

now unless it's under 37.50 i don't even watch or save the replay.

you don't REALLY know a level until you've mastered it in this kind of way.

of course now i must press forward toward a new Gold
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
A bit quicker but nothing great.

I have a best resume of 1.29,58 now (with screenshot - how do you upload those without messing round with image hosting sites?), but doubt I can manage a full run that fast. Still - shows sub 1.30 was possible.

Not sure there's any point to continuing with this. Probably best to use my time elsewhere.
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Vega
Yah sure 1:29.xx is possible but on these long levels, extracting every frame is very difficult. This is a good play.
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
Bit quicker again.


By which I mean I'm still getting used to this new bike.

The grips are all wrong and the derailleur needs tweaking
Andrew A vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Easy to see - I think - where a sub 1.30 could come from, even from these runs.
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Well folks I see that my Photobucket images are no longer working (this... with no warning.. after literally YEARS of using them as a host. And they pull the rug out from under their user base.

So I log into my account to see what all the fuss is about and to seriously consider upgrading their silly P500 program.

$399.99 PER YEAR!!!!!!!

Well Photobucket you can take a giant FLYIN LEAP.

So... anyway sorry bout all the lame images all over the forum board. Nothing I can do about it since we can't edit posts on BoD. And there ain't no way on this planet I am paying that much for any website on the entire internet.

You mark my words, folks... PB will go out of business if they don't reconsider.
Andrew A's game on Something Different Andrew A
First submission in a while

Not spectacular, but it's a bit of a random response level that you 'surf'.

Can maybe improve a bit - when I have time.

How y'all doin?
Andrew A's game on Something Different Andrew A
Did this this morning, having been much quicker on resume (I'll stop mentioning that from now on. Getting v boring!). Have just beaten Kams gold. Just wanted to mark this run.
Andrew A's game on Something Different Andrew A
Messy run, and abjectly rubbish ending but good enough. I've been much quicke... oh - sorry.

But I have (nearly 2 seconds)

My 50th Gold.

Oh gosh - yes thankyou, yes - oh it's nothing, really; you're too kind. Please stop with the tumultuous applause already...
Andrew A's game on Something Different Vega
Ah. 50 golds. I remember when I had 50 golds at one point.

An then I woke up.

No but for real that's an amazing accomplishment Andrew.

I am applauding. I think I am literally the only person, but still...
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