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Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
from 12th to 8th to 4th place... all in just 9 days of play I sincerely dislike this level quite strongly. Takes too much play to get to know the map well enough to post consistent runs worthy of any admiration. I also feel that one tiny stroke of luck could knock an entire second off and I could easily smash Mike Flips long standing Gold (which is actually more annoying than encouraging). I prefer levels that I can work hard to perfect and then land a well executed run of the map based on intentionally crafted play. This one is ultra difficult to settle in on consistent patterns.

At any rate... I know with absolute certainty that I could take gold here, but what I dont know with any certainty is whether or not I want to put in the additional effort to press forward with that endeavor. Time will tell. Studying a Head to Head of the top public runs make it obvious that there is plenty of room for improvement. I think 35.xx might even be possible if ALL points are played exceptionally well. I could slice and dice various elements of my best runs and probably piece together a mid 35.xx, but landing each sector perfectly in a single fluid run is extraordinarily challenging. So for now... Iím reasonably pleased with 37.70
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Cut more than 4 seconds from my previous best run of 45.16 without touching the far right half moon wall. This is the best time I could muster employing the quick ninja bounce back onto the yellow truck. Pretty sure a 39.xx or maybe even a high 38.xx is possible, but the recovery from the slow speed moving back over the truck crushes the strength of an otherwise good play.

Here is a head to head of my best 3 runs using the bounce.

 Vega vs. 2 others
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
I have NEVER died at this point. Of course, I had to choose the first time to ever die here right as I was going to land my best time ever. Literally a few frames away from the checkered flag. Look at the failed time. 36.90! This would have been a new bronze for sure. Life is just not fair sometimes.
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Thought I might be happy with an eternal 37.70 but I just couldnt leave it alone. I can get ahead of my ghost so effortlessly that I just gotta keep diggin at this.
Kristopher vs. Vega Vega
Almost... almost
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Easy to see why I cant quit here. Look how I can dominate Kris on the map. All it takes is nailing a proper final segment and 36.xx will be in the bag quite handily.

 Kristopher vs. 2 others
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Vega vs. Vega Vega
In my pointless quest to see how fast of a time I can muster without touching the far right wall, I was on track for a smokin run here... likely would have landed a low 38.xx or perhaps a high 37.xx. But I CHOKED SO BADLY at the end and flew right over the checkered flag! Major Fail.

Yes... I know it seems totally impossible, but blue actually wins (and red doesn't die!).

Watch the reply and feel your disbelief build at the 34.xx mark that there is no way blue can win. and btw... Blue is officially my best completed time without touching the far right wall.

Here is a preview

Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Watch at 18.xx how I almost landed a crazy super bounce back onto the yellow truck. This could have been positively epic.
Vega vs. Vega Andrew A
Have to disagree - at 37.84 your backwheel isn't even touching the rear of the roof of the red car, so extrapolating a possible 37.xx?

Nice run though (and no offence intended..)

Just got an old iPod Touch, so once I find some time, I'll be back!
Vega vs. Vega Vega
andrew i mean if i had launched from the dino's tail correctly. that would have put me at the red car sooner. i think low 38.xx was in the bag here. maybe not 37.xx but close. anyway... a page 1 top ten run and football fields ahead if my current best of 40.84
Vega's game on Spike Cave BikerBrian
Excellent job, Vega!

Yes Andrew, I do need to be more consistent with my comments. Getting a great run is made so much better when you know that others appreciate it as well.

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on this morning and saw not only more comments, but improved gameplay. Looking forward to seeing this run someday.

Keep up the great work guys!
Vega's game on Spike Cave BikerBrian
I do like the idea of not having to dig back out of the lower area right from the beginning...
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A

First Gold on my new ,
'old' iPod.

Funny - I got stuck on this level when the game broke on my old 'new' iPod, so I played it a few times and came up with some tweaks. Hardly any I've used here (been 2-3 bike lengths ahead passing the finish flag going along the bottom}.. My best resume is 1.30.84, though pretty sure I went quicker on the 'other' but the Congrats screen was just blank, so can't be sure.

Sub 1.30 is very tough but doable I think.
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
This is the tweaked run (or a variation - there are a lot of variations, depending..) - though most of the tweaks don't show on the replay (unless you know what to look for).

I messed up the ending, though the replay doesn't show the 'demise due to overambition', which happens a second or so later

I immediately got a 1.30.78 on resume. Ho hum.

It took me about 12 minutes to get this, but I really don't have any free time right now. I keep saying that, but it's truer now than ever.

However - having said that, I like to post a sub 1.31 Gold time at least. Give you BB something of a challenge if the itch gets too unbearable..
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
Incidentally - view fullscreen seems to be broken on Chrome (under Windows 10), but works fine on Microsoft Edge (cough, splutter.. Spit, gargle, rinse and spit again..).

I've never saved unfinished games before - can you do a H2H with them?
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
I'd - I'm a stickler for kurect puchyouhashun n gramur. Nope. Don't have Mr P's talent (and incidentally Vega, when you corrected yourself a few posts back _ you were correct first time )..

and it was 20 minutes.
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
- not_

Andrew A vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Ok - done it.

I've been quicker everywhere than either of these runs, but it's very difficult to put it all together.
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Vega
nope. check again.
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