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12 Years On Bike! 12 Years On Bike!
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Vega's game on Clay Serpent Vega
A tricky double flip inside the circle for funsies Very difficult to land a 32.xx with the extra flip.
Laser vs. Vega Vega
almost beat Laser
Vega's game on Catapult Vega
Looks like there's jussssst enough room to pull a 34.xx.

It would take pieces of my silver run combined with Laser's moves at 21.xx.

 Vega vs. 3 others
Vega's game on Pirates of the Caribbean Vega
Here is my gold run against all my best failed runs. Interesting to see that none of them really stayed ahead of my gold run.
I remember being so frustrated with these failed runs because all of them were just close enough while playing that I thought "maybe this is it!" and then when I died it was like "nnnnooooooooo" .

In the end though, my best run prevailed

 Vega vs. 7 others
Standard Levels Andrew A
Ahh, sorry - very well done on getting No1 spot here, Vega - a bit belated!

I'm very busy atm, so just pop in now and then to have a very quick glance at the forum (all messages). Hadn't realised the ramifications and the reasons for your last few (very nice) runs.

I had a relatively quick dash through Standard a good while ago to put me in a reasonable position. I was playing catch up in TTC with a very active BB at the time, so didn't have the luxury of really REALLY working any level. Tbh - I was only just getting to that point anywhere/anypack when the game broke!

My daughter told me not to get an old ipod yet - it was in hand (as part of my birthday presents from her). It still is apparently, just taking a while.

Once it arrives (or maybe a sneaky 'meanwhile' surrogate..ssshh!) I will resume my quest - which is not hard to figure out

Bask in the Glory (with an audience of - possibly - 2?) whilst you can. It won't last...

Standard Levels Vega
You're too funny Andrew. If anyone is basking in the glory here, it has got to be YOU!! 48 Gold medals. That's straight bonkers

Nah man I will just continue to play my style. Focus on specific levels and play them out until I feel I am satisfied with my play. You're standing as numero uno in BoD will not be in jeopardy my friend. (not by me anyway). I am still on my old rusty Palm Treo 650. It freezes. It closes out randomly. It doesn't always save my replay. It restarts after each and every time I exit BoD. It's totally ridiculous bro.

But it still works!!!!
Standard Levels Vega
*Your (of course)
Standard Levels Vega
btw Andrew... all I did was post one new best time in Standard levels... Clay Serpent.

I was only 4 points behind Mike Flips even after 7 years of no games submitted. So going from silver to gold on Standard levels was as easy as moving from #8 to #2 on one single level.
Vega's game on Spike Cave Vega
Anyone ever seen a better run going from top to bottom?

There is a lot more time to shave off this, particulary in the top left coming back over the spikes and then again on the last flip over the tall spike to grab the final flag. I went too high here and wasted over a second. Very difficult route though.... much more difficult than completing the bottom section first.
Vega's game on Spike Cave Vega
Here is a screen freeze at 32.56 (right when he touches the flag) in a Head to Head vs Kris. You can see how just a couple tweaks could get me to my flag first.

Vega's game on Spike Cave Vega
I knew I could get to my flag before Kris got to his

New Spike Cave Gold incoming!!
Vega's game on Spike Cave Vega
Vega's Cave of Gold!
Vega's game on Spike Cave Andrew A
Ooh Ahrr, aarr,.. AHarrr - very well done there, Capt'n ahharr!! ahrr, arrr .. (Cave? Gold? a bit Piratey?)

This (and your other recent endeavors) deserves more attention than I can give right now - apologies (not that there's anything to see here.. ). I will be getting involved again soon, but up to my back teeth right now.

Give BB a boot up the arse. He could at least pick up the slack, comments wise, whilst some of us rebuild our house again (desperately); with family descending. Imminently.

Shouldn't you be dealing with 'important' Corporate Shi.. - stuff, rather than playing obsolete games? ... .. ... Ehh?

Vega's game on Spike Cave Vega
Playing obsolete games is more fun

I think I'll carry on. See you on the trail, partner.
Vega vs. Vega Vega
As one can clearly see... I'm certainly not finished here.

No clue what the guy on the red bike was thinking with those ridiculous antics at the end there floating in the clouds above the cityscape.

Dude was ahead of the blue biker by a country mile and lost. Slacker!!
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Snag the last red flag from the top of the yellow truck? Tried it. Many times. Fail.
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Hyper power bounce from the bottom of the half moon circle? Fail
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Hyper Power bounce #2? Fail again!
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Super high bounce onto the yellow truck from top of wall? Fail.
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Quick ninja jump onto the yellow truck? Success! but the recovery is slower than your grandma.
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