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Andrew A's game on Cave Andrew A

Bit of an awkward/ugly run, but I'll take it!

I have a new move near the end that's worth about 1.5 seconds, but the bike needs to be presented just so - which it wasn't here.

It's niggling me, but I'm really not going to play this level any more now.
Andrew A's game on Andrew A
Clattered the final M pretty hard!

With a leap off the O and the right trajectory, 13.5ish looks doable.
Andrew A's game on Zip-Zap BikerBrian
Great run! I'm glad you decided to move on...
Andrew A's game on Cave BikerBrian
Amazing! I still remember the anxiety I would get while flying down the hill trying to stay under a bit of control. Much of the rest of it is so unpredictable.
Andrew A's game on Sharper Than Glass Andrew A
Puts me level with you in the pack BB!
Andrew A's game on Sharper Than Glass BikerBrian
Nice work! This is the last pack where I hold gold and one of the only ones where you don't...
Andrew A's game on Cave Andrew A
Yes - not a pleasant level. There's a bit you can do going across the bottom - here and there - to get by; but mainly the best you can do is stay low and smooth whilst going as fast as possible, and just ignore the (stalac)spikes..

I inadvertantly updated my Ios. Ok - clicked by accident and thought - ah, what the hell, just let it run. After all, it's never broken the game before.

It broke the game. The game plays, but the menu page is now completely blank. You can't pick a level, or save, go back, forward or access anything at all.

Thinking about buying an old ipod on ebay just to see the 'Quest' out. It's a stupid waste of time on any sensible level, but I've got this far - so..

Andrew A's game on Cave BikerBrian
Same problem for me! At least you're going out on top.
Time Trial Champions Vega
Wow. Andrew A, where on earth did you come from? I haven't logged in to this forum for years. In fact, I had an extremely difficult time logging in because I couldn't get into my super old gmail account to change my password. Yonkers! Anyone else playing this game still or is this a man show now?
Andrew A's game on Pirates of the Caribbean Vega
This is great! You pulled ahead with your trick at the first drop. I ad no idea that would save time. Never even thought to try that!! Well played.
Vega's game on Catapult Vega
First game submission in almost 7 years.
Vega's game on Catapult Andrew A
Wow - superb, a run befitting a legend - and welcome back!

If you've read up on the forum the 'handful' of posts since you were last here, you will be up to date. if you haven't - I don't blame you!, but in which case you should know that the last iOS update killed the game (on newish iOS devices - old game code on new OS) - the reason that I haven't posted in awhile.

I will now buy an old ipod touch (with an old - and BoD compatible iOS) to continue playing. I was going to do it anyway, but you showing up and posting a run is an extra incentive..

BB was playing up until about 10 months ago, but finally managed to kick the habit. You showing up however ( when he checks in and realises)...

Others pop in from time to time, and even post times occasionally (Mata a few weeks ago, unbelievably).

I'm guessing you are playing on something old skool, so non of the above problems? Twas always your way

More anon - and again - welcome back

Vega's game on Catapult Vega
ha! Hi Andrew. Yes... dusted off me ol' Treo 650

Plugged in the charger and it literally just started right up like I was using it yesterday! Incredible.

Funny though, I am using an extremely old version of BoD. No resume feature. No new graphics (old stick figure biker only).

Ok so I didn't realize that the new iOS killed the game. That's really a bummer. I have iOS10 so there's no chance for me on me iphone 5s.

So what ipod touch would you recommend?

Vega's game on Catapult Andrew A
Original stick vector graphics figure, but with resume - I would consider optimal. I would love to go back to that, but the increasing glitches between the old code and newer iOS's made it impossible to go back to that mode, I found - the game would just quit if you tried to alter any settings. This is the way it was for me in the last year or two. Can't say for the other remaining players. The bitmapped graphics overlay - though brilliantly done - slightly blurs how you can read the physics engine. Like playing guitar with gloves on. Thin gloves, but....

Best iPod Touch? An early one that isn't capable of being updated to an even vaguely modern iOS. Something pre hi res screen (so 640x480 - same as a late Palm). 2nd or 3rd gen, I would go for. That's what I will go for! Cheap on eBay, as well.

You may have a problem getting a compatible (iOS) copy of the game though. it's no longer available on any App store, so unless you have a copy tucked away somewhere - you are stuffed. Or maybe not. Get in touch with BB - he may be able to help.

I'll leave it there for now.
Vega's game on Pirates of the Caribbean Vega
Drink up me hearties. Yo ho!
Vega's game on Catapult Mr.pickle.
Well poop. I (as of today) have just bought a new computer which I was intending on using to install itunes and manually load the file (BB was gonna send it to me ages ago when I was ready to jump back in) onto my iphone...

Looks like that is going to fail on multiple fronts
Vega's game on Pirates of the Caribbean Mr.pickle.
Someone is apparently not rusty at all after a seven year break.

You make this look altogether way too easy.
Vega's game on Clay Serpent Vega
Unquestionably the hardest I have ever worked for a silver medal in all my years of Bike or Die
Vega's game on Clay Serpent Vega
I can get ahead of my ghost too on various different runs, but this level is so incredibly unforgiving and rickety rackety, that I just don't know if I want to put in the time to beat Smalls.

10 years ago, I posted 32.50 for 4th place. It took me 1,356 tries for 82 completed runs, and was pushed down to 8th place, tied with MATA.

I have now played 8,993 and completed 528. That's 7,637 tries and 446 completed just to gain 0.26 seconds to move to 32.24 And btw, I tied my own best ghost of 32.50 5 times before I beat it with a 32.28 run. Then I beat 32.50 another 15 times before landing 32.24. Then watching the ghost against Smalls and other players makes it look like there is all kinds of room on this map, which is insane.

I used the "Cirenco/Kris" route all the way up until yesterday. I still think that route has the potential to hit 31.xx, but I find it more difficult to keep speed through the center circle after the jump.

Then, after being rather burnt out, I tried the "Smalls" route, and landed tons of great runs back to back to back. I donít know which route is faster because they both yield extremely close results.

Ok I know that only like 2 people are going to see this post so I will can it.

And now... Clay Serpent is truly my least favorite Standard level, but at least I have conquered it well!!
Vega's game on Clay Serpent Vega
This 32.24 run against my (3) 32.28 runs. 2 bikes for each route. Very cool!

 Vega vs. 3 others
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